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The mission of Stride is to provide families with services and a personalized plan to attain economic independence and break the cycle of poverty.

Two out of three Stride families graduate from their programs by holding a steady job for more than a year at wages that lift their family out of poverty.

The average annual income of Stride families is $5,800 at intake and grows to more than $25,000 at graduation.

Stride families include: more than 150 families in Jefferson County. All are low income, with about 40% recently homeless. More than 89% are single-parent families who participate in Stride. Each family’s goal is to achieve stable full-time employment at a wage that will lift their family out of poverty.

Stride programs include: Education and vocational training; job search assistance; coaching, mentoring, and case management; emergency loans or household items for homeless families; and tutoring and after-school activities to help children succeed in school.



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