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Reggie Rivers – Secretary


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Reggie Rivers was a fullback who wore number 38 for the Broncos. He played at Texas State University. He was signed as free agent by the Broncos in 1991. He played for Denver from 1991 to 1996.

His favorite memory as a Bronco:

“Before every kickoff, I would sprint out toward a section of the East stands, or the North stands, depending on which direction we were kicking. I would scream at the crowd, and the incredible fans at Mile High Stadium would get on their feet and scream back at me. It used to get me super pumped up for kickoff coverage, and those few seconds of adrenaline were my favorite moments on the field every game”

His special message for Broncos fans:

“Broncos fans have been incredibly kind to me over the years, and I am deeply appreciative of their support when I was a player, and the many opportunities that have been afforded to me here in Denver and the state of Colorado. Thank you for everything!!”

What does he do now?

“I still do assorted media for CBS 4, UPN and various radio stations. I also president of a company called Automated Flipcards that delivers Excel solutions to businesses.