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In 2005, the Alumni created the Denver Broncos Alumni Charities, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. The Charities and the Association work in tandem to support organizations throughout the metro Denver region and beyond, helping to change the lives of at-risk youth and create a legacy for which the Broncos Alumni can be proud.

The Alumni have worked with thousands of youth over the years, through numerous organizations, foundations and events. Their role as former professional football players with the Denver Broncos brings a higher profile role and impact in their involvement. The celebrity status that they bring to their partnering organizations helps establish and grow a network of influence that will last lifetimes.

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Cleats for Kids is a Denver Broncos Alumni Association (DBAA) initiative to ensure that children of all means have the opportunity to experience the wonderful life lessons that football has to offer. As former professional athletes, we were blessed to play the sport at the highest level, but we all recognize that our earliest years in football were the most formative. That’s where we first learned about teamwork, about commitment, about sacrifice and about doing our best for ourselves and for our teammates. But these early years are also the time at which young parents—particularly single-family households with multiple children—struggle to pay the high registration and equipment costs required for youth football.  The DBAA Cleats for Kids program will help these families by offering FREE cleats to the athletes in the leagues that we support.

    Denver Police Activities League (PAL)   The Denver Police Activities League (Denver PAL) was founded in 1967 and its purpose is to is an organization in which members of the police force coach young boys and girls in sports, help with homework and provide other after-school activities for children, including educational and leadership programs.  The purpose is to build character, strengthen police-community relations and keep children off illegal drugs, out of gangs, and on a positive path. The program relies on support and help from volunteers in the community. The children that Denver PAL supports come from some of the toughest neighborhoods in the state of Colorado. These are neighborhoods with the highest dropout rates, highest rates of teen pregnancy, highest rates of gang activity, highest drug use and highest crime rates. Any support given to Denver PAL is truly going to serve the young people who most need the assistance.

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