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Another great win for the broncos.

Another great win for the broncos.

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Home_A-2Another great win for the broncos. Same formula as week one. Slow start. Not quite clicking in the first Hal, but then comes the 3rd quarter, and they explode. It means they’re making great adjustments as the game goes on. The ability to adjust is a huge advantage, but the broncos have to be wary of their slow starts. If they get up against a fast starting team, they could get behind the 8 ball quickly. But so far, I’m loving it!!! The Sheriff is amazing. Knowson looked like he did as a bulldog, the defense has a lot of hustlers, and despite some suspect officiating, they held Eli and company in check. When champ and vonn return this defense gets even better.

We’ve got a great team this year broncos fans. A great great team!  ~Reggie Rivers


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